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ALAHAYExploring the intersection between Art and Science with AI and other cutting edge tech
ALAgrApHY Art and Science talks, exhibition, press ...
BitopsyDigital Transformation, AI, consultancy, apps, development
ZeitgeistTrending news from Earth for Aliens with interesting AI art 2022
CinemAIAI-generated Cinema on Demand, currently serving Synopsis and storyboard generation 2022
CinemAI APPAI-generated Cinema on Demand, currently serving Synopsis and storyboard generation 2022
plotGPTAI-generated chatGPT based plot-illustrated answers to any prompt
clean WikiFast ad simple clean wiki 2022
AI Wiki poemsAI-Poems Wiki 2022
GappaAndroid screensaver app with photos by ALAgrApHY 2006
dispenceDespense recycling eco-friendly solution and preospective community 2004
NER-HLNamed Entity Recognition (NER) Highlighter during LIP6 ACASA postdoc research with BnF 2014
NER-StreamVis WWINamed Entity Recognition (NER) extractor and visualizer for news publication during the first world war '14-'19 by major newspapers developed during LIP6 ACASA postdoctoral research with BnF 2014
AmbigrammerAmbigram generator 2011
3d-GraphyTuring images into 3D 2003
IR-GraphyPainting with Infrared (IR-72) proof of concept 2003
Pass A SmileSimiling is contageous. Plant a see of qr code to pass a smile for when people scan it and keep track of smilers around the world and the propagation of your action 2012
s-DicSimple dictionary lookup for common languages and latin 2005
SEO AnalyzerSimple yet deep seo analyzer with links and keywords
Text SummarizationAutomatic language detection and text summarization currently hosted at Gravity-AI
Bitoψ AppsIpsum. A selection of apps and services mostly freeware 2022
Top AI ArtistsAI generated AI Artists 2022
Top AI ReviewsAI generated review lists
AI Cat paintings and poemsAI Cat paintings and poems 2022

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