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Welcome to ARTISTAS, the ultimate destination for all art enthusiasts and investors! We are disrupting the art market and here are a few of our contributions:

  • The largest database of living artists, with over 8000 living artists from all over the world.
  • Our unique popularity score system calculates an artist's trendiness and popularity, making it easier for art collectors and enthusiasts to discover new talents and invest in the right artists while still alive.
  • We offer B2C partnership programs with art fairs and art groups, as well as B2B premium access for artists and art collectors interested in optimizing their art investment.
  • Our powerful visualization tool places all artists on one map, allowing users to explore the global art scene and discover new talent.
  • You're an artist and want to be listed in our database?
  • You're an art collector/curator and want to identify the trendiest and most promising artists?
  • You're an art fair/organization and want to study the art market artists with high potential?
  • You're an art investor and want to support us or partner with us?
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