The beta version of CinemAI (AI-Generated Cinema on Demand) includes AI-generated Synopsis and storyboarding on demand by Bitoψ that just realeased PlotGPT: A chatGPT data analyst

The Future of Cinema

The future of Cinema is AI-Generated Cinema on Deman and Cryptofilms

The future of Cinema at the Cannes Film Festival - Salon des Ambassadeurs


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CinemAI is still at its infancy and needs to learn to become better. We appreciate your support and sponsorship by testing (currently at a flat 49 EUR/mo) our app and all your feedback to improve it. Use the F33.FR portal to connect to the server. Not all options might be available


Sample outputs of AI-generated Synopsis and storyboards can be enjoyed at


Latest updates: Bug fixed for synopsis generation. Storyboard loading still slow but fully functional.


Todo: keep track of past images and speed up image generation.

CinemAI Tutorial

AI-cinema on demand cinemai future of cinema and filmproduction with ai


Visit Bitoψ for Research and Development and ALAgrApHY for art applications and design.